Seo myths

The development of SEO involves the creation and termination of wrong beliefs regularly. You can also find the myths that have been disproved however, it is not ruled out. Here is a list of new misconceptions and a couple of maintenance, hanging there:

Links are links, regardless of whether or not they follow Do In this respect there is definitely a hierarchy right here and follow the links rule. These backlinks earn points ranking system Google page that follows and n do not. While No Follows does not help in the classification of the page, which could still give value when it comes to interaction and backlinks.

Writing new articles constantly push better ranks. Unique items only going to push higher search positions when relevant for the rest of your website. Items that are off topic, actually hurt a page ranking by diluting the written portion of appropriate key phrases.

The site speed has no effect on page rank of Google This is a new myth, since Google has recently carried out calculations of the speed of website on your system page ranking. Please note, Google is trying to give their searchers the ideal user experience possible and slow loading website is part of that experience. Flash on a site

Harm SEO results. This myth grows as the flash can slow down a website. The original version of the misconception was telling spiders do not have the ability to read flash. This failure does not hurt ranking sites; simply sleep better either. Looking at the impact site with Google accelerates new capacity and very fast attention of visitors to websites, Flash can certainly make against both sides of the equation when it is reducing speed capability of websites. This question is undoubtedly do a little something to think about before a new web design or redesign. A plan

SEO is a failure if it does not translate into a position on the first page of search results in the definition of an effort effective SEO must be related to the return on investment (ROI), certainly not in positions page search engine. Think of it this way; is a better society on the first page to get a negative return on investment or page two, with good performance?