Free Internet Marketing

Best things in life are free, as many would say. This especially holds true with efforts in advertising one’s products or services. Also with free Internet marketing services, one can save a lot.

Instead of shelling out for the marketing aspect of your product or services, that chunk of money could be put to other important elements of your business since many information websites now offer knowledge regarding Internet marketing services that comes with no price tag at all.

This is not to tell you that better focus on plain Internet marketing. It still will do your business a lot good if you mix traditional advertisement efforts such as traditional and new marketing media.

Here are few of the free methods that you could employ to make your products and services be in their most visible, thus saleable, form.

1. Promote your business through free search engine submission and optimization.

Submit your website to various search engines monthly. This will make many more people know that your website actually exists. Aiming for the top search engines will help a lot in this endeavor.

2. Improve your articles.

Remember that information on articles with good content as traffic-bringer of websites? This time it’s about making these articles serve your website better by using keyword suggestion tools that are offered for free. Update your web site’s content by regularly checking the standing of your keywords with the current market.

3. Acquire free content.

If you’ve no time to increase the SEO or search engine optimization-friendliness of your articles, you can look for free content from article directories. All you need to do is retain the resource box of those write-ups.

4. Avail of free comprehensive web traffic analyzers.

These are tools that you can make use of without costing you a cent. Your website’s hits statistics will be produced by this kind of Internet marketing tool for your own analysis.

5. Learn to manipulate web design templates.

You don’t have to be too techie-geeky to be able to design your web site. Oftentimes, web design templates or custom-made layouts are available for the Internet marketer to use.

6. Monitor your website’s visibility.

Tools such as search engine position trackers may be used to notice your website’s standing.

These processes are very convenient to use when you keep in mind that you use and try to master their use for your own benefit. Just don’t get obsessed with your achievements when you finally learn how to use them and incorporate them in your Internet marketing feat.

Seo Price

As you scout around for SEO services, you may wonder what sets one company’s SEO services apart from another’s. Companies which provide SEO services mostly use different SEO philosophies, tools and methods for optimizing their clients’ websites. These different approaches are mostly termed as “hats” SEO services mostly come in three different hats:

Black Hat SEO Services

Black Hat SEO is known as SEO spamming. From the second term itself, you may have an idea of what this kind of SEO service offers. Black Hat SEO is centered on creating sites that are targeted at manipulating or tricking search engines for better site ranking. Black Hat SEO relies heavily on automation to come up with large numbers of substandard pages and pulls links from other sites which are actually irrelevant. Consequently, this SEO approach mostly gets poor or irrelevant search engine result pages or SERP quality. What is advantageous with Black Hat SEO is that it can get your site on the top of search engine rankings in a matter of a short span of time. However, this is not a wise SEO services strategy in terms of web design perspective. Worse, once search engines find out that your site maligns their results; your site may and will run the risk of getting banned or crashing on view. So if you need to get on top of search engine listings in a matter of days and are willing to take the risk of flouting some site behavior guidelines, Black Hat SEO services should do the trick for you.

White Hat SEO Services

For every black, there is always a white. The same is true for SEO services. White Hat SEO services, on the other hand, relies on the advantages of putting in relevant and quality content as well as effective marketing strategies to place sites on top of search engine rankings. SEO services providers that offer White Hat SEO will focus mostly on your site contents. White Hat SEO providers will help you come up with contents that will attract people, and not search engines into your site. You should know that content is a very important factor in SEO building (if not the most important). With good content, White Hat SEO services will be able to get you more inbound links from other relevant websites. White Hat SEO is most definitely considered to be the better SEO tool. It will not put your site in the risk for getting blacklisted and does not violate any search engine SEO guidelines. Most importantly, visitors who check your site will most likely be converted easily with your great content.

Grey Hat SEO Services

Grey Hat SEO is mid-way between the two tools above and is all about the balance between risk and reward. There are actually a wide number of SEO services solutions categorized under this. Some Grey Hat SEO services may tend to use more dubious strategies and take even bigger risks to produce fast and high search engine rankings. While many Gray Hat SEO services methods obey search engine guidelines, others might put you at risk. If you opt for SEO services using Grey Hat, be sure about what you are exactly subjecting your online site to.

Which hat should you choose?

According to major search engines such as Google, White Hat is good SEO; Black Hat is bad SEO, while Grey Hat is for the most part, dicey. Those using Black Hat SEO services might tell you that White Hat is too ineffective and Grey Hat may be safe but not as effective. Those who prefer Grey Hat may claim that White Hat SEO Services is only effective only when no Grey or Black Hats are involved. White Hat SEO services providers may tell you that Black Hat SEO users are cheaters and those providing Grey Hat are quitters.

Through all these varying opinions, know that it is still up to you to choose the right type of SEO services that you want. It is your objectives and goals that will determine which type of hat you should wear. From my point of view White Hat is better and more cost effective if you are serious about your business… and serious businesses exclude: gambling, adult, and pharmacy sites.

How To Pay Per Click

Based on its recent share price, pay per click search engine, Google, now has a stock market capitalization of about $107 billion, more than the combined stock values of stalwarts like Boeing, Ford Motor and General Motors! Its closest pay per click search engine rival Yahoo! has a market capitalization of about $45 billion. So what’s so good about these pay per click search engines that has catapulted them in the Fortune list of America’s most admired companies?

To get to the root, you first need to understand the pay per click search engine programs. Even though Google AdSense and Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions, like many PPC programs, are plagued by claims of click fraud; they are clearly an effective revenue source for many reputable web businesses. Publishers or webmasters insert a java script into their web site. Each time the page is accessed or displayed, the java script pulls advertisements from these programs. These ads are targeted and related to the content contained on the web page serving the ad. Google seems to be well content oriented and uses your meta description and meta keywords, in addition to page content, in order to serve up ads that are appropriate to the subject matter of the web site.

At its most basic level, advertisers do not pay anything for the ads displayed until someone actually clicks on them and gets redirected to the advertisers’ website. Thus, advertisers are paying-per-click for potential customers who have actually arrived at their websites. This concept of pay-per-click has been around ever since evolution of the Internet and the rise of search engines. However, this type of online advertising in its current form began in 1997, when an entrepreneur named Bill Gross developed an idea for the first-ever pay per click search engine


What has happened in the search-engine marketing arena over the last couple of years, is a paradigm shift from the traditional means of online advertising to a previously less-employed option called pay-per-click advertising. Because pay-per-click (PPC) has plenty of advantages, and only few shortcomings, many more companies are beginning to experhyment with this type of advertising, thus fueling its growth. The introduction of localized search to the mix is the decisive, convincing factor that further sways small and medium businesses to consider this form of online advertising. I myself have gotten plenty of leads and made sales due to pay-per-click advertising on the Google search engine.

Us Seo Market Growth

The first and foremost rule of a business is sustained growth. In this age of the internet all other means of publicity and promotion have taken a back seat. The world is at our fingertips, thanks to the wide reach of internet. While selecting an SEO company for marketing, a few factors must be considered. First of all note down your reason of hiring the SEO consultants. The beauty of internet is that it allows you to hire a reputed consultant from anywhere. Let’s consider that you hire a SEO Company in New York for your needs. The consultants from the selected SEO New York firm will not need to visit your business area physically in order to start marketing and promotion on your behalf. The SEO firm will take into consideration your target business area and customers and start their work.

Selecting professional help

Sustaining a business through marketing it online requires professional help. This is where SEO firms can help you. Business owners are adapting to the latest trends in online marketing to promote mostly all kind of business, large or small. It doesn’t matter whether your business is located in the country side or in a posh city like New York. What really matters is the quality of advice you get regarding the online promotion of business from the SEO firms.

Considering vital factors

While selecting an SEO company for marketing, a few factors must be considered. First of all note down your reason of hiring the SEO consultants. The beauty of internet is that it allows you to hire a reputed consultant from anywhere. Let’s consider that you hire a SEO Company in New York for your needs. The consultants from the selected SEO New York firm will not need to visit your business area physically in order to start marketing and promotion on your behalf. The SEO firm will take into consideration your target business area and customers and start their work.

Ensuring proper capacity

It is vital to ensure that your chosen SEO NYC for online marketing has a good knowledge about the algorithms applied by the search engines to rank websites. Primarily they must be able to increase your site ranking and bring it to the top position among all search engines. Any good SEO Company in New York or anywhere else in the world must be checked for their abilities in competitive analysis, keyword selection, onsite analysis, back linking, transparent reporting, etc. An SEO New York firm may not know the business conditions of the local market in a far flung area of UK. But if the firm can place correct keywords and unique content, two very important aspects in SEO marketing, then there will be no reason for the firm to stand back on the marketing policies and thus, will be able to generate traffic for the site and customers for the client. Again when the SEO firm works locally on the subject, it will benefit the business more.

Finally, regardless of your choice of selecting a SEO New York firm or otherwise, ensure that the services provided must help in the growth of your business.

Top 10 Seo Tools

SEO Tools have sprouted up from engineers, hackers, wanna-be SEO’s and legimate Search Engine Optimization companies. Several are free, and very good.

But, the fact is – you don’t have to be an engineer to run them. Our compiled list below is used daily by professionals and newer users alike.

Start putting these tools to use and notice how they impact your own online business.

#1 – Ranking Analysis

This tool can unveil extremely valuable information on how you can break into the top 10 search engine positions. Check it out at this url

#2 – Sitemaps, they have created a sitemap generator that enables you to create a xml sitemap for Google and a text-based sitemap for Yahoo. In addition, the generator can also create an optional HTML sitemap for human visitors. Go to for step-by-step instructions on how to get started. is an extension to the tool above.

We also like – a little buggy though. Make sure to create an account in Google and Yahoo, and get the Sitemap into those administration control systems.

#3 – Keywords Analysis

For a keyword tool that has it all, go to

#4 – Keyword Rankings

This tool allows you to track numerous keyword rankings like # backlinks, #pagerank and #daily, weekly and monthly changes in your rankings. Take control of your search engine rankings at

#5 – Link Harvesting

Link Harvester is open source, so web masters are free to share it and developers are free to improve upon it. Do your own link analysis at

#6 – PPC, Reports, Link Partners & More

* perform keyword mining * use Web site analysis to improve your rankings
* create link popularity reports * quickly and easily find likely link partners
* use automated, semi automated, and guided submission to search engines and directories * manage your PPC campaigns * analyze your search engine rankings.

This is the grand-daddy of all tools: Free SEO Tool download, desktop edition.

#7 – Page Strength

Relative importance of pagestrength

#8 – Link Popularity

We like for beginners.

#9 – Alexa Rank and make sure you download the alexa toolbar.

#10 – Keywords Density Analysis

#11 (bonus) – SEO tool or not?

Not. But, it is very useful in determining the geographic location of an IP address using a bit of AJAX and Google Maps.

Engine Optimization Cost

Most people who are world-wide-web savvy probably would assume it is much easier to do search engine optimization themselves without the need to hire any professional search engine optimization assistance. In some cases this may work, but in most cases this is an absolute injustice for your web business. Marketing is an important and viable aspect of any business and without the proper marketing attention a business can easily fail. The following are 10 reasons why you should hire a professional search engine optimization consultant or SEO company.

Search Engine Optimization Takes Time, Effort, & Dedication

It takes an extreme amount of time, effort, and dedication to successfully complete a search engine optimization campaign. Search engine optimization consultants and companies usually have dedicated time to work on your search engine optimization project, thus giving you a controlled and managed search engine optimization campaign. Large companies as well as many small companies can provide your search engine optimization campaign the SEO effort and architecture it needs. Attempting to dedicate your own time can sometimes be overwhelming and without strict self-discipline you can easily get sidetracked. Additionally, progress for your search engine optimization campaign can take time to see any results, this fact can lessen your motivation to complete your own do-it-yourself search engine optimization campaign.

SEO Tools, SEO Strategy, & SEO Experience Goes a Long Way

The available SEO tools are ever-changing, but most skilled SEO’s have a suite of SEO tools which they keep up with and use to execute reports and other processes, such as keyword research, keyword density reports, keyword competition reports, traffic reports, etc. Like any profession you need the necessary tools and essentials to get the job done, the experienced use of SEO tools will aid in any SEO campaign. Professional SEO consultants and companies create SEO strategies and roadmaps to successfully market client websites, this strategic roadmap outlines in detail the planned effort to market clients’ websites. SEO strategy is essential for any SEO campaign. Having an experienced SEO professional on your side is always ideal. Experienced SEO’s stay up to date with the latest SEO trends and news. By having an experienced SEO your website can impressively gain ranking within a short time and much more effectively, providing greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization Is Not Easy

Search engine optimization is not simple, it’s not just starting a website and throwing around hundreds or thousands of links. Those days of search engine optimization are gone. It is now more about strategy, method, and architecture. Search engine optimization is a form of engineering these days. True search engine optimization engineers stay up to date with search engine algorithm and search marketing. Knowing the trends is important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean following trends, true search engine optimization engineers use experience, skill, historical methods, and best practices to successfully market websites. Researching trends and not just following trends is very important, a good search engine optimization engineer uses good judgment, to know what methods work and what is borderline unethical or useless methods.

SEO Services Do Not Have to be Very Expensive

Most full SEO campaigns are expensive, but relatively affordable compared to other advertising avenues, such as: print advertising, broadcast advertising, etc. Shop around for SEO Services which match your marketing budget and needs. Do not settle for the first bidder, compare the first bidders’ rate against other SEO companies and consultants rates. Contact various SEO consultants and SEO companies to receive a free custom quote. Negotiate the SEO rate and services until it fits your budget and needs. Get yourself a fair and honest deal that you are satisfied with.

Search Engine Optimization Can Take Your Website to New Heights

It’s no secret that having your site rank in the top 10 results on search engines is very rewarding and can provide you with herds of traffic, if you rank for the right keywords. Search engine optimization can excel your website through the ranks and land your website in the top search results for virtually any keyword of your choosing. It is important that the search engine optimization company or consultant you choose targets top search results for all 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & MSN). By having top search results in all 3 major search engines for a popular search term you are surely going to increase website sales and exposure.

Professional & Experienced SEO Services Can Be the Difference Between You and Your Competitors

Most online businesses and services invest in professional and experienced SEO services. The top search results for popular keyword terms usually have professional and experienced SEO companies and consultants in their corner, leading their online marketing campaign. By having professional and experienced SEO’s working for you, your website will naturally outrank your competitors who use the do-it-yourself method of SEO services. It is always imperative to stay one step ahead of your competition and it’s more likely you will do so with the aid of professional and experienced SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization Gets You the Best Bang for Your Buck

When you compare search engine optimization with other media advertising efforts such as print advertising, television commercial advertising, and radio broadcast advertising then search engine optimization gives the best bang for your buck. While other advertising methods can cost hundreds of thousands for advertising, search engine optimization cost peanuts compared to these other advertising methods. Let’s say you spend $25,000 for a full search engine optimization campaign and you spend (let’s say) $100,000 for a television commercial ad which runs for 1 full week at prhyme time (I know that ad is a whole lot more than that, but this is just an example). The search engine optimization campaign is much cheaper and the return on investment is much greater for the search engine optimization campaign. Why? Because the search engine optimization campaign has a broader reach, it can reach anyone across the globe, while the TV commercial ad is specific for local or nation broadcasting within their network. Secondly, the search engine optimization campaign is much more targeted and relevant to the customer needs, because the customer actually initiated the search and was looking for you, while the TV commercial ad is an interruption to the customers viewing program and the customer is more likely to ignore the commercial ad, especially if it does not entice them.

SEO Services Can Help Increase Business Sales Drastically

Increasing business sales have never been easier. If you have a brick & mortar which sales goods, then it is advised that you also have an online store to sale your goods as well. Having an online business while investing in professional and experienced SEO services will help your business expand and grow drastically. Like any sound business decision, as a business owner you are always looking for new ways to monetize, expand, and stay ahead of competition, SEO services for your online business is the perfect solution for getting this done.

Professional Search Engine Optimization Can Increase Your Search Ranking in a Shorter Time Period

Professional search engine optimization services can get your website ranked in a shorter time than trying to do it yourself. With the aid of professional and experienced search engine optimization your website can rank within the search engines within weeks, maybe even days. Finding the right professional with the skill level you need can be quite rewarding.

Treat Your Website Like a Business

If your website is going to be a part of your financial lifeblood then it is sensible to treat your website as a business and recruit professional search engine optimization services. Good business sense is to outsource or employ others to complete day to day task and projects such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing, so you can have more time to concentrate on running a successful business. Many businesses fail due to the do-it-yourself model. Doing things yourself is ‘okay’ if the task you are performing is your profession or relates directly to your business service, but trying to do things yourself because its your hobby, interest, or saves you money can be damaging to your business, as you need to treat your website like a business and only seek professional and experienced assistance for your business needs.

I highly encourage that any true website owner who is wanting in reaching top search results seriously consider professional and experienced SEO services for a full search engine optimization campaign. SEO services may be an expensive advertising avenue, but as we discussed above it is much cheaper than its other advertising counterparts and the reward is much greater. Search engine optimization has long been a mystery to many people and is foreign to some, but with the help and aid of professional and experienced SEO services you will easily increase website sales, traffic, and exposure. If you employ the right search engine optimization company or consultant I can almost guarantee you will have a rewarding experience and will not regret it.

Paid Seo Services

While there are hundreds or maybe thousands of companies that are offering the SEO services for the internet marketing sector on the internet, there are only few that stand out of the crowd and provide you with the best Search Engine Optimization services that serves your business to the maximum.

It is not all about adding some keywords to the context of your web pages or articles. It is all about implementing the right keywords that will get you the amount of traffic that you need to your website.

Some SEO companies search through the internet and get the keywords that have the highest search rates and put them in the context but this is of no profit to you or your business because they are throwing you in an ocean of competition against thousands of websites using the same key words. The real experience of our company in SEO services reveals in the choosing of keywords that have high search rates but not very high to face a lot of competition.

Our well experienced team knows all the tips and tricks needed to deliver your web site to the first pages of search engine result pages. It is a matter of experience and when it comes to this level then can depend on us. You can reach the first page of SERP easily through paid advertisement but all the researches stated that the human results that appear in the first pages receive more clicks.

Depend on our experience and you will see your website leaping forward to the first pages of search engine results.

Seo Services For Small Business

SEO services in India, offers affordable search engine marketing services. Optimizing a website is not always an easy task, which is why some website owners use an SEO consultant. An ideal seo India service will offer to get high search engine ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN through its legitimate SEO strategies & expertise. Seo services in India basically offers organic seo to various client who approaches Indian offshore companies in getting high place in search engine results which increase traffic, enhance web visibility, branding and increase in sales and profits.

Basic steps of Seo:

1. Understanding Business Strategy.

What your business is all about?
How is it going to operate?
Target customers (Global or local)
Competitor study operating in same business.
Core competence

2. Target Keywords

Getting a good list of keyword phrases through more number of keywords maximum numbers of ppl can be targeted). This is something that will directly reflect your efforts by giving you the resultant output

3. WEB Designing

Page size
Looks n feel
Inter linking
HTML Code validation

4. Meta tags & Content

Meta tag Title
Meta tag Description
Meta tag Keywords
Meta tag Content

5. Directory Submissions

More the number of submissions to directories more the chance to rank top for targeted keywords on major search engines.

6. Link Building

Why people choose Indian seo services:

– They guarantee good results and excellent services.
– Their choice of keyword phrases will produce the maximum ROI for your business to rank high.
– They know automated SEO systems does not work effectively
– Automated submission systems will not accurately submit your website to the various directories in the correct categories, with titles and descriptions that will maximize their search engine effectiveness.
– India seo services are very affordable. So you spend much less than what you would spend for ads, ppc and campaigns under traditional marketing yet the result is unbelievably more satisfactory.
– You get more serious business enquiries since seo service result will generates more targeted traffic for your website. The benefits are long term when a site will ranked among the top in major search engines.

Best Seo For Small Business

Ever since search engines became an integral part of the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) has gained increasing popularity as a method for people to increase traffic to websites. In the past decade, more companies have realized that SEO is an effective and efficient way of increasing sales, productivity, and marketing, in general. One of the most effective search engine optimization methods is copywriting. Copywriting SEO can greatly increase the chances that a company and its products will be found by Internet users. In this day and age when computers and the Internet are more available and accessible than ever, copywriting SEO is an affordable and effective way of improving company presence online.

Ranking high in search engines

One of the main objectives of search engine optimization is to rank high in search engines. It’s important to realize that each search engine makes use of different algorithms to determine search results, so ranking will differ from one search engine to the next. Ultimately, however, there are ways of increasing the rankings of your company’s website. Copywriting SEO to increase your page rank is based on choosing the right keywords and placing these keywords in the right place to improve page rank. The effect of having a high page ranking is not only that your company’s page is likely to be one of the top results for the related keywords, but also that the website will be held in higher regard in comparison to low-ranked pages. Search engines and Internet users alike are concerned with page rankings, which is why it pays to have effective copywriting SEO that’ll increase the rank of your company’s webpages.

Getting the click: what it takes

Another advantage of using copywriting SEO for your business is that you can get more people linking to your sites. As other webpages link to your company’s website, your page rank will increase, and you’re more likely to get favorable placing when it comes to search engine results. Just as you can use copywriting SEO to create content for the webpage of your business, you can also use it to create content that links back to your page, increasing the exposure of your site. As you increase the exposure of your site, you’re basically improving your marketing and advertising strategies, leading to more chances of making sales or just getting the word out about your company, products, and services. The aim is to get people to read the information on your company’s website and this can be done by tapping social network sites, networking emails, blog and webpage linking, guest writers, and other copywriting SEO strategies.

Earning profits: ROI on effective copywriting SEO strategies

Finally, the ultimate goal of copywriting SEO for your business is to get a good return on investment (ROI). SEO copywriting has great ROI, because you’re not only promoting the website of your business, but you’re also marketing, advertising, and disseminating information about your business through one of the largest and busiest networks in the world, the Internet. In most cases, it only takes a small investment to get started on copywriting SEO for your business, and this small investment can reap huge rewards.

Engine Optimization Cost

A search engine optimization specialist is a professional who can work wonders with your business. Online marketing is the one aspect that helps an online business to be successful on the World Wide Web. Online visitors are always searching for info on different aspects on the web and if an online site is able to offer them something different, then the site will surely attract customers and do good business. A search engine optimization specialist is the best individual who can help you make a site that easily attract visitors and clients as well.

A search engine optimization specialist has professional qualification and knows what things needs to be added and what things have to be removed to make the site favorable to search engines. All major search engines have certain criteria for giving rankings and ratings to sites, and search engine optimization specialist is the best source for you to achieve this. Your business will need to undertake different types of strategies to give your business the kind of success it deserves, rather than undertaking any type of strategy for promoting your business site.

It is well known that no matter how much knowledge one has about a particular technique or thing, a specialist is the best person to know all the nuances related to it. There is no shortage of search engine optimization specialist who can do the work of search engine optimization effectively for you. However, what is important for the success of your business is to find out a search engine optimization specialist who is an expert in doing his work. After all, only a specialist who is an expert in his field will know what needs to be done for search engine optimization.

The web is a good option through which you can find out an expert search engine optimization specialist who can do the work for you, faultlessly. Make sure to check out the testimonials and references of the search engine optimization specialist before you hire his services. Another way to find out about the work of the search engine optimization specialist you are hiring is to talk with anyone who had used his services previously. This will give you an idea about what to expect and what not to expect from the search engine optimization specialist.

Each business and its site are different, and so it is understood that strategies and methods for search engine optimization will also be different. What a search engine optimization specialist does is undertakes research and finds out what the best method of optimization will be for your business. The search engine optimization specialist will analyze the existing competition in the market and based on that will device strategies and methods to promote your site on the World Wide Web. This is the source for any business to be successful and if you are serious about your business, you will undoubtedly want to hire the services of a search engine optimization specialist and earn huge amounts of profit through your business. Professional help always helps a business in the long run.